September 16th, 2009

So that I don't disappoint...

I know you're all desperately waiting to hear what the kittens are up to.

They're free-range now-- I've stopped keeping them in the bathroom. Mostly they hide when I'm home, and I haven't even tried to figure out where. I have lots of video of them wandering about and playing when I'm not home, though, and sometimes they do come out when I'm around. She'll let me pet her occasionally, and when she does she purrs quite loudly.

It's a little easier for me to get close to him, and he's getting close to being willing to come to me. He'll do it if I'm sitting on the floor near him. He's turned into a great big snuggle monster, and when he gets going he's very affectionate. Tonight he even perched himself halfway on my lap while he snuggled. Oh! He also meowed at me once-- it's the first time I've heard either of them vocalize.

They've discovered the ginormous cat tree that I got for them. She climbs it all the way to the top, and he mostly frolics around at the bottom. She likes to stalk him from up there, and pounce on him when he goes by.

There you go.

Edit: Oh! I just found her hiding place, or at least one of them. She's been upstairs in the far corner of my bedroom.