September 21st, 2009


I sold the bicycle I can't ride, which means I'm ready to buy one that I can. The primary consideration is that it have an upright seating position so that I don't put any weight on my wrists. Secondarily, having bars that come back is good since it will keep me from extending my shoulder a lot. (Man, this getting old stuff really sucks.) I want gears and both front and rear brakes.

I almost bought this bike at Target tonight, but I decided to wait. And then I spotted this bike on Amazon. It's pretty much the same bike, but in my color. In fact, the only difference I can discern is in color and price.

Advantge Target: pre-assembled, about $35 cheaper, instant gratification. Disadvantage Target: assembled by monkeys at Target, and probability is low that they'll do a good job. What's a girl to do?

There's also this, though I think I have too much pride for that.

Portion-size inflation in a nutshell

I've ranted a fair bit in the past about portion sizes in America, and how they've inflated over the years so that now people think ridiculously-large meals are perfectly normal. I had a great example of it tonight at Arby's when I heard this conversation:
Customer (staring at menu): Do you still have the Giant?
Cashier: It's now the medium
Customer: Ah, OK. (Stares at menu some more.) I'll have a large roast beef.
Both sides of the conversation had a beautiful yet horrifying irony.