September 30th, 2009

The last week or two, in numbers

+1 Lap Cat. When Boo wants to snuggle, he's somewhat insistent about it. Last weekend he meowed at me from across the room to tell me he was coming over for snuggles, marched over and demanded attention, then jumped on my lap. Well, he failed at the jump, but was happy to be there when I picked him up. He's turning into a big ole snuggle monster.

+0 Cat Names. Boo is sticking, but she's still unnamed.

+3 Parking Tickets. Bah humbug.

+1 Bicycle. Well, it's ordered, at least, and should be here shortly.

-1 Sanity. (Yeah, yeah, as though I had any to begin with.) That's closely related to:

+4 Days of Running. Well, mostly walking with a few feeble attempts at running, but it's a start. I'm trying to do a modified Couch to 5K. My knee may or may not cooperate, though.

-20 Books, approximately. They've gone off to the book vultures or recycling.

+1 Ex-boyfriend. I suppose I could stick a minus sign on this one, but I'm doing my best to treat it as a net win. How about +1 friendship without a strained relationship in the mix.

-3 Days Of Being In The Office By 9. OK, technically this should have a plus sign, but it is entirely a negative development in my mind. The standing 9:30 Monday morning meeting is the worst.

-1 User Of My Backgammon Server. Apparently a FIBS user committed suicide a few days ago. He and I had clashed in the past, and I'd actually barred him from the server for a couple of days for being a dick. I would have been more compassionate if I'd realized how disturbed he was.

-1 Old Friend. I randomly googled an old friend a few days ago to see what he was up to, only to find out that he died in an accident a few years ago.

-1 Network Switch. A bad network switch took out my home network today, as well as my backgammon server. This left the system largely but not completely inaccessible for most of the day. Now I understand why the network has been intermittently slow recently, though. Bah. Hassle.

+Several Hundred Grumpy FIBS Users.

+1 Offer To Exchange My Motorcycle For Drugs. I relisted the motorcycle on Craigslist, and the first mail I got wanted to know if I would trade 420 or hash for it. Umm, no.

-$11 In An Office Prop Bet. I had a suspicion that one of our systems was dropping data on the floor, and when I suggested it someone wanted to bet the other side. The next thing I knew, I'd designed a test and was organizing a parimutuel. I'm actually happy to have lost, because winning the bet would have meant that we had a really gnarly problem. This is the first prop bet I've lost at work, I think.

+1 Major Release Out The Door. I'm glad it's done, but I was severely grumpy mid-afternoon when we found a serious snag that required building out new servers. Morning Cat was not amused.

-12 Hours Of Sleep, approximately. This whole morning thing is wiping me out.