December 7th, 2009

McDonalds/TG Teen

I'm sure that most of us have already heard today's news story about McDonalds refusing to hire a transgendered teen. The voicemail message from the McDonalds manager is particularly, umm, enlightening.

I hate that this happened, and hate that this sort of bigotry exists in our society. At the same time, I love this news story. Not only have I seen the story passed around the web, but I just listened to it being delivered in a clipped British accent on the BBC. CNN doesn't seem to have picked it up, but both the NY Times and Fox News have the story on their sites. In all of the cases that I've found, the story is being reported in a very matter-of-fact manner, with no overtones of snickering or tittering. Even more important, they're doing it in a way that makes it obvious that McDonalds screwed up.

So what? This is actually a sign of progress, I think. Discrimination against TG people is alive and well, but to hear the press treat it like the abomination that it is gives me hope.