December 18th, 2009

Gym, Lyrics Quiz

I ran again tonight... just got home from the gym. W4D3e is in the bag.

This time, I managed to do a full W4Dx precisely as scheduled, with no extra long walks. I'm not sure what changed, but things sort of felt easier. Pushing my way through the long running sections was still boring and annoying as all hell, but my heart rate seemed to come down much more quickly during walks. Maybe the ten-minute run did something? Or maybe I'm just getting into shape a little bit more? Who knows?

Today, rather than counting the steps for five minutes, I counted the steps for one minute and then did that five times. It's just mental games, but it seemed to help at least a little. Maybe. Or maybe I just wasn't working quite as hard.

This is also the first week 4 day that I haven't gotten off the treadmill feeling like I wanted to curl up in a corner and collapse. That has to be a good sign.

I think I'll do at least one more day of W4 before trying to move on. If it still feels doable, I'll try W5.

Oh, and here's a slightly obscure showtunes lyric-- one I'd never heard until tonight. Without searching, can you identify it?
The usual dog about the town
Is much inclined to play the clown
And far from showing too much pride
Is frequently undignified

A small hint: it's from the London recording of a show. The Broadway lyrics for this song changed quite a bit.


2009-12-18 11.09.01.jpg There's a Walgreens near my office. It's in the middle of the urban jungle, but there's a small parking garage next door for customers of the store. It's hard to see the layout from this photo, but when you pull into the garage there are two spaces on the right, a wall, three spaces, and the back wall. On the left there are four or five spaces with a dividing wall. In this photo you can see one of the spaces on the right, the dividing wall, and then three spaces behind it. You can also see a part of one of the spaces on the left, and the dividing wall that hides two more spaces. The dark blob in the back right corner of the garage is my car.

This is, admittedly, not a large garage. And yet, most of the customers are there for 15 minutes or less, so it doesn't have to be very big. This morning I tossed my car in the garage briefly while I dropped off a prescription on my way to work.

When I came out, someone had parked smack dab in the middle of the garage, blocking in all of the cars in the back stalls. It wasn't that he had no other options-- there were two empty spaces in my section, and a few others elsewhere. There's no chance at all that all of the spaces filled and then emptied during the five minutes that I was in the store.

I looked around for the owner, then waited a bit. When he didn't show in a few minutes, I pulled out my phone to snap a photo. Just as I did, the owner came out. "I'm leaving now."

"Good!" I kept composing.

"I said I'm leaving now."

"Thank you. I'll be able to get my car out and get to the meeting that I'm now late for." I snapped the photo.

No apology for the inconvenience, no remorse, nothing. Just indignation that I was photographing his faux pas.

Dear Mr. 6KJR767: You are a flaming jackass. Have a nice day!