December 20th, 2009

I ran

OK, no surprise that I went running tonight. I was planning to do one more extended day of week 4, but as I was driving to the gym I changed my mind. "OK, stop being lazy. There's no reason you can't move on to week 5, so just do it."

I did it. Well, sort of. W5D1 is supposed to be three iterations of a five-minute walk followed by a three-minute run. The only thing is, I was doing this from memory rather than having consulted the schedule, so I didn't quite do it right. W5D2 is an eight-minute run, a five-minute walk, and an eight-minute run. (W5D3 is a 20-minute run. I'm pretty sure that's not humanly possible, but I digress.)

I got myself a little bit confused about W5D1 and W5D2. I wound up doing a five-minute run, a 3-minute walk, an 8-minute run, a 5-minute walk, and a 5-minute run. I'll count that as having done W5D1, even if it wasn't 100% to spec. You guys can be the judges, though. Is 5-3 8-5 5 >= 5-3 5-3 5? Edit: It turns out my memory wasn't 100% faulty. What I actually did is W6D1 rather than W5D1.

I also finished it up with a pseudo-sprint-- for the last minute of the last run, I increased my pace by 1MPH. Yeah, that kicked my ass, but what can I say? I was bored. I tried running a couple of minutes tonight without counting steps, and that sucked-- I was sure I'd done like two minutes, but it was actually 45 seconds.

At midnight on a Saturday night, 24-Hour Fitness is pretty damned empty. I could have grabbed any treadmill in the house.

And for those who guessed at the lyrics from last time, yes. That's from the London recording of Cats.