December 28th, 2009

W6D1 is done

I just did W6D1. In the spirit of maximizing EV, today was the day that my 17-day pass ran out, and I got to the gym around 10:45 p.m. I managed to get in nine visits on a 17-day pass, which I think is pretty good.

I also bit the bullet and went by the dreaded Costco today to buy a membership this afternoon. I remembered that I hated Costco, but it'd been long enough since I'd been in one that I'd forgotten the depths of my loathing. Still, saving a couple hundred bucks is worth half an hour of my time.

W6D1 is five, eight, and five minutes of running with three-minute walks between them. It's also the second-to-last day of intervals. The next one is 10-3-10, and after that it's just run 25, 28, 30 minutes. Aiyah. Long runs are still long and boring and annoying, and while they may have gotten a tiny bit easier it's really only a tiny bit. I still really have to push myself so that I don't quit.

The outside of my ankle, or just above, is a little bit sore. It's a sharp pain rather than a dull "hey, you worked out" ache. It's not swollen, though, so if there's an injury it's probably pretty minor. I may take a few days off, though, just to be safe.

Tomorrow I get to go see a doctor and do a cardiac stress test on the treadmill. It's good that I've been practicing for it, I guess.

Oh, and I almost tried to pick up a cute woman in a shoe store today, but decided against it. She asked me what I thought of the shoes they were trying on, and I said, "they work". Her response was that shoes shouldn't work, they should inspire someone to get down on their knees and say, "here, let me help you with those." I came back with the first flippant response I could think of, which was, "Oh, I have people for that. I don't need shoes."

We had fun hunting shoes for a little while. Among other things, I found these boots, of which she approved. She rides a BMW, is tall, cute, intelligent, about my age. Still, a vanilla lesbian probably isn't someone I should go out with, so I didn't try to get her phone number.

The rumors were wrong

Contrary to popular belief, I am not heartless... or so says the cardiologist I saw today.

The good news: I passed with flying colors. I expected to, though, so it was no surprise. My doctor saw a teeny weeny abnormality on my EKG during a physical. Normally he wouldn't have worried about it, but I'd also been complaining of dizziness. Were almost certain we knew what was causing the dizziness (low blood pressure caused by too high a dose of blood pressure medicine), but the two things together made him want to do a sanity check.

The slightly better news: every time he checked my blood pressure, he said, "That's really good." Well, sometimes he added, "Maybe too good... it's borderline low."

I think my doctor is on vacation this week. Next week I'll call him, share the numbers, and ask if I can stop taking it completely. That would be lovely.