January 5th, 2010

A random wrong-address exchange

I have a gmail account that I use for a few utilitarian things, but it isn't my primary email address and I never give it out to anyone. Still, people frequently get confused and either give out my address thinking it's theirs, or they send mail to me thinking I'm someone else. Here's a recent exchange. The original message was sent to 68 people.

Subject: 2009 is coming to a close, Happy new Year

2009 is coming to a close! if JESUS comes back where will you be? it's not too late to be forgivin! He DIED FOR ALL OF OUR SINS so lets LIVE for him. Pass this on to all those that you Love and care for

Subject: Re: 2009 is coming to a close, Happy new Year

Please remove [my address]@gmail.com from your address book. I'm not the
person you wanted to reach, nor am I interested in religious messages.

Thank you!

Subject: Will do

I only want Godly friends, not ones that are angry all the time, I did not realize I had entered the address wrong. I will remove this incorrect address. Thank You and may God Bless you in a way that you will know it was HIM.

I'm trying to decide whether to send back a reciprocal wish for being touched by his noodly appendage, or just letting it drop. "Angry all the time" kinda tilts it in favor of the return cheerful wish, I think.