March 1st, 2010

I ran

I just did a 25-minute run. I'm declaring myself to be back on the C25K track, and calling that W7D2. That leaves me seven more runs until I'm done with the program, and can start back at the beginning at a faster pace.

Tonight I felt a little bit better afterward than I did last time. There's still a little bit of light-headeness, but it's not bad. I'm pouring a lot of water into myself before I run, taking brief pauses during the run to drink more, and making sure that I've eaten something reasonable before going to the gym. I was able to do my full post-run stretching regimen today, a chunk of which involves bending over for about 20 seconds. Standing up from that is a pretty good way to assess how I feel.

My calves were a little bit sore today, I think from not stretching enough last time.