April 9th, 2010


I ran tonight, finishing W1D1 at a faster pace.

About halfway through it, my ankle started being grumpy. The pain is on the inside of my ankle, just behind and above the ankle bone. Well, that's mostly where it is-- it moves around. I decided to keep going anyway, unless it got worse. What's bizarre is that it feels fine when I run, and hurts when I walk. It's kind of a sharp pain, not the dull ace that I expect with soft tissue damage, and there's no swelling that I can find. Nothing feels particularly tender when I press on it.

The whole moving around-- front of the ankle, behind the ankle bone, inside of knee, outside of knee, just above knee thing is weird. I'm sure it means something, but what?

I'm wondering if maybe this isn't related to my twisting my knee after finishing C25K the first time, but just happened to coincide with it.