April 15th, 2010

Laser printer recommendations?

Last night my 17-year-old laser printer decided to make a horrible gears-slipping racket at an inopportune time. (That would be 2 a.m.) It's been quite the workhorse, obviously. I could probably fix it, but since it's nearly old enough to vote that hardly seems worthwhile.

It's time for a replacement. I don't really need color, since I have a high-end color inkjet, but it might be worthwhile if it's not too expensive. I expect it will face a fairly light duty cycle, so the things I care about are longevity and availability of supplies down the road. I don't want an all-in-one, or something that does anything besides print.


How would you solve this problem?

The office space I'm in has a ladies room with two stalls, and a mens room with one stall and one urinal.

More men than women work here, and apparently there's often a wait for the mens room stall. The ladies room is less backlogged, but we also occasionally have to wait. It doesn't happen in the ladies room often enough for it to be a real problem, though.

For the sake of discussion, assume that adding more capacity to either restroom is infeasible.

If you were the office manager, what would you do?