May 12th, 2010

People are morons

As most of you know, I run a backgammon server and have for about a decade and a half. A recent demographic shift toward mobile users has caused an increasing number of people to drop connection mid-match and not resume. As a response, I made a small server change last night such that users who have more than 25 unfinished games are blocked from inviting people to new games.

This morning I had this email:
Gosh you are funny?

I really do LOVE the change you made about saves, Truely!!!! Even though I really could care less if you got into trouble, the good part of me says I MUST say something. A lawyer told me you can NOT enforce your new rule about saves until you (if you have the authority) change the rules that come under the home page. It says NOTHING there about not being able to invite because of too many saves.

I guess I'm supposed to quake with fear and immediately restore his ability to behave badly? Oops. I just giggled at him instead.