June 19th, 2010

Into... Opening Reception and Exhibit


the distance
the depth
the everyday

Six Bay Area photographers draw you in to worlds of contemplation and chaos. Ignacy Zulawski travels into the distance with a cinematic lens, Angelah Limon-Cerri pictures repose in the natural landscape, Yuri Boyko explores the self in serial images, Kevin B. Jones represents plight and perseverance with compassion, Patti Beadles tempts you with the depth of a blossom, and Steve E. Chapman uses lo-fi technology to render the everyday extraordinary.

Using a wide range of techniques in their explorations including camera phones and vintage Rolleiflexes, these photographers approach the image with curiosity and intensity.

Opening Reception June 25, 6-8p.

Exhibit June 25 through July 18.  Tues - Thurs: 10a-10p,  Fri - Sun: 10a-8p

RayKo Photo Center
  428 Third Street, San Francisco CA 94107

image courtesy of Steve Chapman, Blue Tile Special (Archival Pigment Print from an iPhone)


Warning: I'm going to drive topless through San Francisco next weekend.

Why? Because I can.

OK, a little more information. I got asked to drive International Ms. Leather and International Ms. Bootblack in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade next weekend. Ah, the joys of owning a convertible. But hey, I've never been in the SF parade. I haven't even gone to it since the first year I moved here. And International Ms. Leather is a friend of mine. I'm happy to help out, and it will be fun.

What's the perfect outfit for this? I think it's a black leather chauffeur cap, driving gloves, and tie. I could put more on, but really... why? OK, technically I need a couple of band-aids or some tape in order to be street-legal, but that doesn't really count.

Consider yourself forewarned. If you don't want to see me topless, stay out of San Francisco next Sunday, and don't watch the parade on TV.