June 29th, 2010

Surfing porn

I should not be surfing camera porn late at night. I now have this utterly insane and ludicrous desire for a medium-format digital camera. If I was going to go the budget-conscious route, I could probably pick up the camera, a standard lens, and a macro lens for... oh, maybe $30K. Going all-out would put me in the $50K range I think. Oh, hell. I may as well go fantasy-all-out, 'cause there's no chance in hell I'm buying either.

I suppose I could try shooting f... f... f... film? Nah, fuck that.

Freddie Mercury covers a showtune

I could get lost on YouTube for hours. What could possibly make me happier than Freddie Mercury covering a showtune?

As I was watching this I was thinking that if I could have one opportunity to go back in time, I'd go to this concert. I changed my mind, though. I'd go back as far as I had to in order to stop him from seroconverting... that way I could have lots more fabulous concerts to go to.