August 15th, 2010

Trip Planning

I'm in NYC then London the week of thanksgiving. I would typically fly home from London on Sunday afternoon, but my sister oh-so-conveniently planned a trip to London and is arriving that very day. I guess spending a couple of extra days in London doesn't suck that much, right?

I'll be in Tampa the evening of September 4. Don't ask.

Remember the production of Rocky Horror Show that I went to Scotland to see last year? Well, the company is still touring. I just checked to see where they'll be thanksgiving week, and found them at the Richmond Theatre.

Hrmm, where the fuck is Richmond? Surrey.

Well that's bloody helpful. Where's Surrey? Oh! London.

Where's the nearest tube stop? A block away.

I suppose the universe is speaking to me. It would be wrong of me not to listen, right? Anyone in London want to go on the 25th, 26th, or 27th of November?