August 22nd, 2010

Want to go see Jerry Springer, the Opera?

Jerry Springer, The Opera, one of my all-time favorite musicals, is coming to San Francisco soon.

So are my mother and her husband.

These two things wouldn't seem to go together, but I took mom to see the show in London and she enjoyed it. We're going to see it while they're in town, on the evening of Saturday, September 18.

Seeing Jerry Springer, The Opera in London is where I fell in love with my favorite actor of all-time, David Bedella. He's the one who caused me to fly to Scotland last year so I could see him as Frank in Rocky Horror Show, and the one I'm probably seeing again in London this year... just because I can. Springer is a really fun show, and I enjoyed it so much the first time that I saw it again a year later. I even made fich go with me, and he didn't hate it. Really, how often do you get to hear an operatic chorus singing about being fucked in the ass with barbed wire?

I have no idea how good the San Francisco production will be... there's some risk that it will be bad. It's cheaper, though-- $38 for premium seating, and $30 for general admission. And hey, you can also meet my mother. My plan is to get premium seating. Again that's Saturday, September 18, at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco.

Want to go? If so, let me know. I need a head count by about Wednesday or Thursday so that I can buy tickets.