September 12th, 2010

This is worrisome

Yesterday I signed up for 25 yoga classes.

I've recently started buying and eating lentils.

I'm giving very serious thought to signing up for a CSA box.

If you catch me wearing Birkenstocks, please shoot me. Don't ask questions, just assume that I've caught the Berkeley and there's no cure.

OK, now I'm really worried

I've taken to doing almost all of my shopping at the Berkeley Bowl. I know their hours by heart.

Every single thing in the two heavy bags of groceries that I bought today is organic, save for one small bunch of oregano.

I've decided that I'll be vegetarian for a week. I'm maybe two tablespoons of butter away from the week being all-out vegan. Oh, and I'm making the butter myself, starting with fresh organic cream.

I've definitely caught The Berkeley.