October 14th, 2010

I've lost my mind. Again.

This evening I was sitting at home working on some projects and I thought to myself, "I should start running again." I hunted the thought down like a cockroach and tried to stomp it dead, but cockroaches are made of stronger stuff than that. The thought wouldn't go away.

I dug out all my running gear and got ready to head out, but the thought of going to the gym stopped me dead in my tracks. I really couldn't force myself to get in the car and drive over there. The idea cockroach scratched frantically at the door, but he couldn't get through it.

And then something freakish happened. I spotted an old fanny pack sitting on a shelf. I stuffed my keys, drivers license, and phone into it and strapped it around my waist. And then out the door I went.

I ran. Out in the real world. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do C25K again from scratch, maybe this time not on a treadmill. I'm still not sure I'm wild about this outdoors thing-- I had a hell of a time pacing myself-- but who knows.

SFGate: Calorie-counter couple trek globe on diet patrol

I just read this article on SFGate, about a couple who toured the world recording what people ate. It's kind of a promotional piece, but this quote caught my eye:
One of the most interesting comparisons in the book is Louie Soto, a Native American Pima Indian in Arizona and Jose Carrillo, a Mexican rancher who lives just a little farther south. They consume the same amount of calories but Soto is way overweight and diabetic. He eats processed foods, and the rancher south of the border eats his own milk, food and cheese. Soto has my favorite quote in the book, that he tried vegetables but they were too expensive so he switched back to "regular foods."
Mmm hmmmm. It's an anecdote not data, but still...