October 18th, 2010

Eating cheaply, etc.

Remember my eating well on a budget challenge? Well, that ended today. My goal was to keep it under $40 for the whole week. My total? $22.47. With the $5 staples and condiment tax that I imposed on myself, the total was $27.47.

The most important thing that I learned is that where you shop is everything. I paid something less than fifty cents for some Chinese long beans at a Chinatown produce market. An equivalent bundle was $1.38 at Berkeley Bowl and $2.99 at a "normal" supermarket. Yikes! The supermarket ones were also kinda dried out and icky.

In any case, it can certainly be done... at least around here, and probably in most places in the US if you're willing to work at it and adapt to local conditions.

I found another Hasselblad. It's more expensive, a little less decked out, and has a 50mm lens rather than an 80mm, but it's not unreasonable. Plus, I think I like the idea of a wide-angle lens. I'm going to look at it Tuesday night, and won't be heartbroken if it sells before then.