January 22nd, 2011

Handwriting test

So I asked the other day about turning my handwriting into a font. Here's a prototype:


This took a bloody INSANE amount of work! The act of printing the form, filling it in, scanning it, and uploading it only took about fifteen minutes. The first sample was a great big giant mess-o-rama. I spent at least three hours aligning letters, fixing messiness, tidying, resizing, and generally trying to get it to the point of usability. This sample isn't the final form, but it's a million times better than what I started with.

For comparison, here's the starting point:


Please check my handwriting

After working on this for several hours last night, I essentially spent ALL DAY TODAY hand-editing and re-editing every single character in this character set. I've learned quite a lot about the process of font creation, to be sure, and it's forced me to learn some useful important Photoshop keyboard short cuts, but man this has been an insane amount of work.

I can't look at it any more... I need extra eyes. Does anything look horrible in this? Do you find it readable? It's my handwriting, so it's going to be messy and sloppy, but it should be legible and not hurt your eyes. The letter spacing should be sane, and it should all kind of vaguely line up on the baseline.

To give you an idea of how far I've come, this is where it was last night when I went to bed, and this is where it started out.