February 6th, 2011

I ran

I decided to (approximately) take mickdog's recommendation of starting with W4, and dmorr's suggestion of upping my speed then working on duration. That turned out to not quite be the right idea. Well, I think it actually was the right idea, but I turned the speed up a little bit too much.

I had to take a break in the middle of the second five-minute run-- after about three minutes of it, my heart rate hit a point that was a little higher than I'm comfortable with. I walked for a bit to get my heart rate down, then finished then run. It all turned out fine, and I probably could have finished out the last two minutes without a break, but pushing it didn't seem like the right idea.

Even if it didn't go quite the way I wanted, this run allowed me to establish a plan. I'm going to set up shop in W4 and stay there, while slowly increasing my pace until I get to where I want to be.