September 6th, 2011

This is temporary

Hi, I have been plating backgammon at Yahoo for several years. I have
recently faced a problem. The problem is when I win a game I lose points.
Sometimes when I do not play, I still lose points. For example, the last
time I played was 9/5/11 around 3:00 pm and won a 101 game. I left table
with a point around1960. Today, 9/6/11, when I wanted to play I noticed
that my point is 1916. How is that possible when I have not even played
single point game?
This problem is not new. In the past month I have lost at least 150 points
even when I won games. It happened a couple of times that I lost a one
point game and more than 20 points were taken off. In other occasions, I
won a 101 game and about 50 points were taken off.
It simply does not make any sense1
I have contacted Yahoo!, and all they do is to send a form letter that how
much they appreciate my reports, but really do not ahve a real answer. So,
I am not reporting to them anymore. They gave me your website and I
thought you might be able to figure this out.