October 7th, 2011

That woke me up!

If you've ever slept with me (and almost none of you have), you know that I completely suck at getting up in the mornings. Most days I can hit my snooze button for at least 30-45 minutes, and sometimes for two hours or more. I just don't do mornings very well.

Yesterday I got a Philips Wake-Up Light.. I set it so that the light started coming on at 8 a.m., and birds started chirping at 8:30. My regular alarm was set to go off at 8:45. I then proceeded to work half the night. I sent out important work email at 2:30 AM, then tried to get to sleep. It was probably 3:30 or so before I actually nodded off.

This morning at 8:30, I woke to birds chirping. I was actually wide awake, with no desire to hit the snooze button or go back to sleep.

One night is a small sample, but I'm optimistic.