January 14th, 2012


So I think I have a solid answer to was I a dick? Last night I had to go knock on their door at 1 a.m. to ask them to turn down the music. This time it was the master tenant doing it. I dropped a note to the HOA about it with the comment that I was just creating a paper trail, and I didn't want anything done, but if it happened again in the next few months I'd want some action taken.

I think the fact that it happened again so soon makes me not a dick.

My new bed was delivered a couple of days ago. The first thing I did after the delivery guys left as climb in to check it out... and hit my head on the sprinkler pipe. Sigh.

It's still pretty hard and needs to be broken in a bit, but my back seems to be happier.

Even after several rounds of email and a long phone call, Barnes and Noble still hasn't gotten my Gmail address off of someone else's account. They did manage to leak the last name of the customer, though-- if I could figure out her dad's middle name, I'd close the account myself.

My mother got an iPhone this week. I learned this as she made several calls to me yesterday and managed to hang up before or right after I answered. To her credit, she dislikes it... she got it because her husband got one for himself and one for her.