February 3rd, 2012

Things, stuff, miscellany

Remember recently when I mentioned that I live right next to a bacon factory, and I've never been in there? I remedied that today. Before I went to work today, I picked up three three-pound boxes of bacon-- one for me, and two for friends/coworkers. I cooked up a couple of strips tonight just to try it out, and it's pretty good. I got nine pounds of thick-sliced applewood-smoked bacon for around thirty bucks.

I went running once in Vegas (on a treadmill), and again last night (on the streets). I'm learning to slow myself down to a nice slow trot so that I don't wear myself out.

I think I'm in the market for a new netbook-- mine is starting to get annoyingly slow. My requirements are 1366x768 resolution, good battery life, and enough gofast to not make Firefox insufferably slow. Suggestions?

Actually, I may ditch Firefox. If I don't restart it every day or two, it winds up sucking down over a gigabyte of memory, and consequently bogs down. None of the memory saver addons that I've tried does anything worthwhile, nor have any of the config changes that I've tried. I'm running Chrome on my laptop right now as an experiment.

Tonight I had dinner with someone that I've known approximately forever. He was in my wedding party when I got married, way back when. It was good to catch up.

The whole Susan G Komen foundation hullabaloo has been really interesting. I think they've done us a favor by popping their heads up and inviting us to take a closer look at what they're doing. It seems to me that they've strayed from their mission. Suing people who use the phrase "for the cure" seems extra slimy.

This page is really interesting. They claim that 84% of their donations go to their mission, but then they list 12% for administration and 8% for fundraising. I sort of wonder how that 34% education breaks down.

I bet their revenues fall a fair bit this year.

Reason that I like my job, #37:

They asked me to be part of a recruiting video that we're doing for engineering. I said I'd do it if and only if I could use the word suck. Our recruiter's response was, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

After dinner tonight we went to Humphry Slocombe for ice cream. We had brown butter, Vietnamese coffee, salt & peppa, a salted chocolate of some sort, gingerbread Guinness, and secret breakfast (bourbon & corn flakes). The three of us each tried a bite of the salt & peppa, and then tossed the rest into the trash. The others ranged from good to excellent, but I was particularly enamored with the gingerbread Guinness.