February 5th, 2012


I just finished W2D3 of the second round of C25K.

It occurred to me just before I left that there's a Ben & Jerry's not too far from me, and I could make that the loose destination of my run if I wanted to. I decided to do that, but only on the condition that if I got ice cream I had to add an extra run to the end-- I had to try to run from Ben & Jerry's all the way home.

I got there only to find out that they close early on Sundays. Bastards! Since I was there I decided to try to run home anyway. I almost made it, but I gave up about a block and a half from home. Still, that was a five-minute nonstop run on top of the six 1.5-minute runs I did earlier.

Also, I used my phone to track the final run. I was trying to force myself to run slowly, but I was still about 1MPH faster than the last C25K that I did. I'm certain I was running faster earlier in the session. (I'm still sloooowwwwwww, though.)