February 9th, 2012

More running

I bought a replacement heart rate monitor strap for my Forerunner, since I couldn't find the old one. (This means, of course, that I will find the old one within the next day, guaranteed.) I'm a data geek, so measuring my runs makes me happy as a... well, as a geek in a pile of data.

I was scheduled to do C25K W3D1 today, but I decided to go off-program instead. Inspired by my non-ice cream run the other day, I decided to just run down to Broadway and Embarcadero, walk for a while to cool off, then run back home if I could.

I could. I did. I seem to have managed to slow myself down to only about .6MPH faster than I did the last C25K. I'm good with that.

I'm right on the edge of what I consider an acceptable heart rate. Actually, I'm slightly over where I want to be, but not into a zone that I would consider dangerous-- for the last 1.5 minutes or so of the run home, I was 5-10BPM above where I want to be. This tells me that I should go back to where I was in the C25K and work my way up. I'm good with that too.

Bluetooth headphones are winging their way to me from Amazon right now.

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