February 19th, 2012


Today was an off-menu run... I'd just run as much as I felt like, and measure time and distance with the ForeRunner. That didn't go so well.

The first thing that happened is that my keychain came apart. I've been wearing it on the belt that holds my phone. Just as I switched from walking to running I heard a clank and saw a flash, and my keys were everywhere. I hit the pause button on the watch and collected them, then set off again. Oops, forgot to unpause. That was the first of several tracking mistakes-- I kept hitting pause instead of the lap button, so a lot of the run was untracked. Oh well.

My left calf is still sore, and I'm not sure why. It hurt as soon as I started running. It's not bad, and I can run through it without problem, but it's annoying and puzzling.

Tonight I learned one of the joys of running in Oakland at midnight: you occasionally get to add unplanned sprints to the routine. As I was nearing my loft, I saw a sort of shady guy hanging out on the corner by a telephone pole. He was in black pants and was wearing a black coat with a hood pulled up over his head, and was directly in my path. It's not the sort of place where I would expect to see someone loitering, and I couldn't really make sense of what he was doing there. I decided that what I wanted to do was avoid him.

I crossed the street while I considered my options, and decided to hit the turbo button. VROOM! One dead run between where I was and my front door.

So, I have no idea how far/long I ran tonight, but that's OK. It was probably about in line with the last ones I've done, in terms of totals. In retrospect, I don't think creepy loiterer was a threat, but I'm still happy to have kept my distance.