April 18th, 2012

I bought a bass

I went to a used guitar shop to look at a bass that they had advertised. When I saw it, I was disappointed-- it didn't really feel like the right instrument.

But! There was one on another rack that spoke to me. It was a deep, rich cobalt blue, and it sparkled in the light from the window. The tapered edges made it seem more friendly than its ugly, square neighbors. I glanced at the price tag, and was delighted to see that it was within my price range. It was used, but could easily have passed for new.

I picked it up, and it settled into my hands like it belonged there. I started plucking out notes, and everything fell into place. Skeptical, I pulled a few others off the rack and tried them out, but none of them felt right-- one was to heavy, neck on that one was too thick. That one was ugly. That one was too expensive, and another one felt too cheap.

So, I bought it. It looks just like this one. (The fourth picture shows the sparkles best.) On the way back to the office I stopped to visit a friend who plays very seriously and asked, "I just bought this. Is there any reason I shouldn't have?" He approved.

Now I just need to learn to play, I guess.