July 21st, 2012

Oh, San Francisco...

Tonight T & I went to see a really excellent production of Death of a Salesman at the Actor's Theater in San Francisco. I highly recommend it.

Around midnight, I was in the Muni station waiting for a train to get back to my car, since I'd left it in the office. I was doing my usual routine of solving crossword puzzles on my phone, when I heard a cat meowing in the station. It was very loud. I looked around for the cat, and found a very large one. She was wearing jeans and a cap, and had a couple of bags with her. Ooooooohhhkay. While I was watching, she switched from meows to a very loud caterwaul.

A few minutes later she started whistling, then shifted quickly to high-quality bird calls before becoming a cat again.

After a couple of minutes I saw her get up and walk a few feet to one of the metal poles. She stuck something to it-- a moderately-large dildo with a suction cup base. She stuck it in her mouth for a few seconds, then pulled it off of the post and went back over to the bench to sit down.

For the remaining five minutes or so, she alternated between bouncing the dildo around, sucking on it, and making weird animal noises. Her train then showed up, and she stuck the dick in her bag and dashed off to catch it.

I got a photo of her, but it's really blurry, plus she's sitting behind someone else. Still, the dildo is easy to spot.

I love San Francisco! Our crazies are charming but relatively harmless. They march around carrying bizarre signs, issue their own currency, and apparently caterwaul while fellating inanimate objects.