September 1st, 2012

Maybe-crazy lighting for my kitchen

The light fixture in my kitchen sucks. It's a bare bulb screwed into a box on the ceiling. Here's a picture that's sort of what it looks like, though it currently has a 150W floodlight bulb in it rather than whatever is in that picture. Here's a picture of the general kitchen layout, though the overhead light isn't visible. It's approximately right over the guy's head. These photos were taken during the property inspection when I bought the place. The appliances have been changed, but the kitchen is otherwise identical.

So I have this crazy idea that I want to put in par cans and some sort of lighting rail or truss. I've always sort of wanted theater-style lighting in my home, and a loft is the right place to pull something like this off. I could put a rail on the all that's above the cabinets, and put maybe four can lights on it pointed in different directions. I suppose I could also put the rail on the ceiling, but since it's concrete that would be a lot harder to do.

For bulbs, I'd probably use LED PAR bulbs. They're expensive, but they're power-efficient and don't generate much heat, and they last approximately forever.

The problem is that I've never worked with these lights, so I don't know if there are any gotchas.

Am I insane? Is this feasible? Is it stupid?