September 4th, 2012

My review of the Chevy Volt

Chevy recently offered me two days usage of a Volt at no charge. I guess it's because they think I'm a wonderful person or something, and they thought their car might possibly live up to my standards. More likely it was because I chatter enough on social media to have a moderately high Klout score. Let's go with that last theory because it happens to be true. In any case, Chevy gave me an excuse to spew my opinions on the internet, and so I shall.

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Overall I liked the car a lot more than I expected to. With the exception of the lunacy that they call a control panel it's a pretty nice car. It's not zippy, but it's comfortable to drive and it feels good on the road. It's not bad looking, even if it's not exactly my style.

So, would I buy one? No, probably not. The $40K price tag is just too high. Even with subsidies, it's still north of thirty grand. If I were in the market for a semi-luxury sedan that got really great gas mileage I would certainly consider it. I might even overlook the bizarro-land control panel.