September 24th, 2012

People who don't know their own email addresses

In the ongoing saga of People Who Are Too Stupid To Know Their Own Email Addresses, I've recently gotten emailed order confirmations for two different people, on two separate websites. They are obviously separate incidents, and at least one of them is a new player in this particular flavor of dumbfuckery.

The email that I received included full order details, including snail mail address, phone number, and login credentials to the website that they ordered from. In neither case do I have a contact email address for Ms. Patti B. Dumbfuck, for the obvious reason.

Every time this happens, my email address inevitably gets added to the website's email marketing list, which means that I either have to jump through unsubscribe hoops or get a bunch of spam. It's not the end of the world, but it's really annoying.

I'm torn between wanting to be helpful to these morons and wanting to annoy them as much as they've annoyed me. To that end, I'm wondering which of the following steps my friends would consider ethical and/or reasonable.

Which of the following is an acceptable response?

Sending them a copy of the invoice via snail mail, with a request to stop
Calling them on the phone and requesting that they stop
Trying to hunt them down on Facebook to ask them to stop
Logging into the online site to remove my email address
Logging into the online site and closing the account
Logging into the online site and requesting that the order be canceled
Responding to the email and requesting that the order be canceled
Logging into the website and attempting to reroute the order somewhere else

Something else?