October 1st, 2012

More lighting help

So I did the stage lights thing in my living room. I bought a lighting truss that looks like this:

The truss is about ten feet wide, and I have it at about eight feet off the ground right now. I put four of these on it, only with LED bulbs rather than the crappy incandescent one shown:

(Those are totally not to scale, BTW.)

It worked out pretty well, only there's one thing I can't figure out-- how to get power to it. Each of the cans has a standard three-pin power plug on a 4' (I think) cord. I need to figure out some way to get power from the outlet to the fixtures. I can think of a few options:

Lots of extension cords. It's workable, but it seems sloppy.

Mount some sort of power strip. I found this power strip at a hardware store today. It's pretty close to being right for the job, except that it needs a longer cord. I have no doubt that I can find something similar with a longer cord, though.

Get a stringer extension cord. The cheapest one I can find is this one, which seems like it will do the job. It feels like it might be overkill, but I haven't found a lighter-weight solution.

Find some other magic gizmo. It seems like this has to be a well-solved problem, but I really haven't been able to ferret out what the standard solution is.

I don't really care about having separate control over individual lights, though ideally I would like to have them in two separate sets. I have two of the lights pointed up at the ceiling as soft ambient lights, and two pointed down for more direct lights. (I'll probably add one more of each at some point.)

Anyone know what the magic answer is?