March 14th, 2013

Photography news!

Five of my photos have been selected for the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, being held April 5-6 in Rochester, NY. Three of them are brand new works from my series-in-progress, Glimpse, and two are previously-unseen photos from Rope:Burn. The Rope:Burn works will be part of a special Society for Women in Erotic Art Today showcase that is part of REAF.

One of my works from the Glimpse series will be part of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day show at Rayko's gallery in San Francisco. The opening reception is April 28, and the show will run through May 25. This is a large show and it always features lots of interesting photography.

I've submitted Glimpse photos to two other juried shows, but won't hear from them for a few weeks.

I'm particularly tickled by two different things about this. One is that the Rayko show is not an erotic art show-- it's a general pinhole photography exhibit. There are kids through the gallery regularly, including one full class of teenagers that's in the facility every weekend. I picked out images for them that were more on the suggestive side and didn't have any explicit naughty-bits, and I also showed the gallery director a sample or two to see if they'd be too explicit for that gallery. I'm happy to be in that show, since it's highly competitive and filled with photography from around the country and I believe even some from overseas.

The second amusing thing is that one of the photos that's going to Rochester is of... me. About 99% of me has no problem with it, and thinks it's actually pretty cool. Besides, it's soft-focus and sort of dreamy and is in no way recognizable as me, so what's the big deal? The other 1% is saying, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! Some stranger might buy a dirty photo of me and hang it on their wall?" Unlike in the rest of the world, though, the 1% has no power in my head.

I haven't published the Glimpse series on PattiB Photography, but I will do so within the next few weeks. Some of you may have seen some of them already, since I posted a few samples here a few months ago.