February 3rd, 2014

(no subject)

I'm arguing with a right-wing bigot on Facebook right now. This particular exchange cracked me up:

Him: I think people over think this. America was founded on Christian principles in the English language. Just because another language was on the land first doesn't mean it was a part of the nation. Every important document i.e. The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, etc. was wrote (sic) in English.

Me: You do know that many of the founding fathers weren't Christian, yes? Also, the constitution was founded primarily on the principles of English common law. That the US was founded on "christian principles" is a common misconception.

Him: "One Nation Under God"? I want to hear the rebuttal to that.

Me: You mean in the pledge of allegiance? The "under god" portion of that was inserted in the 1950s as a reaction to communism. The original pledge said "one nation, indivisible".

Him: Explain "In God We Trust"?

Me: Adopted as our national motto in 1956 for the same reason. Also, note that it does not specify which god-- I'm sort of partial to Zeus myself.

Him: If you are that politically correct than no wonder you like the commercial
Him: Sorry.. "politically correct"

Sorry, guy. Ad hominem attacks are an automatic DQ.