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Damn this is good scotch.

I'm getting hammered on a 25-year-old Brora singlemalt, single cask, cask strength, oh so delicious. The tasting notes:

"Honey porridge, peat and iodine"

This, the original distillery from the town of Brora, was brought back into production in 1969 because the company wanted a more peated malt than that which was being produced by the new distillery. It closed in 1983 so malts from that period are becoming increasingly rare. The colour of this is a bright yellow gold. Pass your nose over the glass and there is subtle smoke and pancetta – boy scouts are frying something nice in the forest. It is quite sweet too and with water this sweetness develops – honey porridge, wonderfully balanced by peat and iodine. If you were ever lucky enough to have breakfast by the ocean a drop of this on your porridge would be the height.
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