Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Omaha update

It's weird here! All the land is flat, and you can't see the air. How am I supposed to know it's OK to breathe it if I can't look at it first?

Mom & David bought a very nice house when the moved up here. I finally delivered their wedding present-- a framed 11x17 wedding portrait, and a gorgeous wedding album that I put together. ( has the pictures.)

You know how whenever a technical person visits nontechnical people, there's always some little computer problem that they need help with? Today it was that David's computer wouldn't connect to the net anymore, and would I mind taking a look at it? I spent three hours poking around, and then cleaning a metric buttload of spyware off of the box. Now it's purring along as well as any Windows box with only 256M of memory could possibly purr. I think I'm going to go buy him memory tomorrow.

I've gotten lots of interesting looks for my hair.
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