Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Drunken assholes in urban assault vehicles

Just before 2 a.m., I was driving up 280 on my way home from the poker room. The roads were nearly empty, but there was a black SUV in front of me.

While I watched, he swerved fairly hard to the right so that he was about halfway into the shoulder, then pulled back into his lane. He did it again a minute or so later, only this time into another lane. He sped up for a while, then slowed down, and did a few more swerving into the wrong lane tricks.

I decided I'd seen quite enough, put the headphone on, and dialed 911. I managed to get close enough to him to get his license plate number, and gave them a description of the vehicle (black Range Rover). "Thank you. Please keep a safe distance from him, and I'll dispatch someone."

He stayed on 280 when 101 split off, so I did too. He exhibited more creative lane usage as we passed Cesar Chavez and Mariposa, then took the 6th Street exit. OK, I can do that too... I have to get to the bridge somehow.

Up 6th he went, then right on Folsom. He pretty much only used two lanes of 6th, though mostly he was doing a fine job of straddling the centerline. And he only had a near miss with one car.

Just as we crossed 4th, they called me back. "He's on city streets now? OK. Where?"

"Folsom eastbound, approaching 3rd. No, he just pulled into a garage on the south side between 3rd and 4th."

Fuck. I hate when they're clearly drunk and don't get busted. Anybody know if it will get pursued after he gets home, or if he's safe once he touches home plate?

Yesterday one of my poker buddies was telling me that his brother just got a fourth drunk driving conviction. He lost his license, and got a week in jail.

A week. Irresponsible motherfucker put innocent lives at risk FOUR TIMES, and he only gets a week in jail?
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