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There's a mosquito in my sleeping loft, and he's keeping me awake with his buzzing and biting. OK, maybe it's more than one, and I think it's only female mosquitoes that bite, but don't bother me with stupid details at 4:03 a.m.

There's a bite on my right forearm. One on my left elbow. And one on my left pinkie that's driving me batty-- it itches like crazy, and the finger is actually swollen enough that it won't bend completely.

To add to the indignity, I have the song Delta Dawn stuck in my head, twang and all. Daaaayyelta Dawn whut's thayt flawer you have aawnn. MAKE IT STOP!

On the flip side, I've made $300 playing short-handed 5-10 holdem on Paradise in the amount of time it's taken me to type this. I guess that fails to suck.

Oh! And I'm headed for New Orleans this weekend. A friend of mine sent me a message today-- "Friday's my birthday. We're having dinner in New Orleans Saturday night. Come down and join us." An hour later, I'd booked tickets (first class, natch-- what else does one do with a six-figure accumulation of frequent flyer miles?) for a redeye Friday night, returning Sunday night. Yippie!
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