Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Help me buy Google adwords

I'm running Google ads for Dating Horrors.

If you were trying to buy traffic for the site, what Google keywords would you use?

I have several "sucks" keywords-- love sucks, dating sucks, men sucks, internet dating sucks, online dating sucks, romance sucks. Most of them don't get many hits, but love sucks is doing really well (albeit on a very small scale.)

Bad date, first date, worst date, and funny dates are all doing well, in approximately that order. I can't really afford dating, romance, online dating, and the huge hits-- even if I bid $.20/click, I wind up with an average ranking of about 80. Funny stories got me a zillion impressions, but so few clicks that Google automatically disabled it.

I have a fairly limited budget for this-- right now I'm limiting it to a buck a day, though I might go a little higher once I get things fine-tuned.

So what keywords would you use?
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