Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Cel phone puzzle outcome

By the time I posted the previous entry, I'd already solved the cel phone puzzle.

My first assumption was that I'd accidentally left my car unlocked, somebody decided they wanted my phone, and accidentally dropped theirs in the process of grabbing mine.

To that end, I sent myself a text page that said, "Please return my phone. I have yours."

I then turned my attention to the strange phone. The greeting was "BUNNY WUVS U". Hmm... I looked through the address book, found two listings for Bunny, and called her.

"Hi! I found this cel phone in my car today. Do you know who it belongs to?"

"It's my boyfriend's phone. I thought it was him calling."

"Hmm. OK. Do you have any clue why it might have wound up in my car?"

"He's a valet who works for Ampco. Did you park leave your car in a garage downtown today?"

"Aha! That explains it." We made arrangements for them to come pick up the phone later that evening, and that I turned my attention to finding my phone.

I tried calling it both from the loft and from the car, but no luck-- I didn't hear it ring. I tried calling the Walgreens I'd been at, but they didn't have it either.

So I went off and played the poker tournament. When I got home that night, I opened the passenger side door for some reason, and there was the phone wedged between the seat and the door. Whew!

At first, I was sure the disappearance and appearance of the two phones had to be related. When all was said and done, though, it was just a strange coincidence.
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