Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Things & stuff

It's bloody freezing here!

I wound up chatting with the woman sitting next to me at the show last night (Woman in White... worth seeing, but not stunning). We went out to dinner afterward, and went shopping today. Turns out she's from Stockton, and is a semi-retired psychotherapist. Tomorrow we're going to go see Guys & Dolls.

Harrod's... hoo boy. I actually escaped relatively cheaply this year, and at least the exchange rate is better than last year. The place was a zoo, though-- wall-to-wall people!

There's a place around the corner from my hotel that sells bubble tea. I just had some, with mango juice.

The internet cafe I'm in is packed with people. There's a guy in the next row over from me playing on Party Poker, though it looks like it's play money.

Hey hubbysan, Samantha asked about you. She sends her greetings.
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