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Yesterday's show theme was American Pop Culture Movies That Got Made Into Musicals. Due largely to their scheduling, which let me do two shows instead of one, I saw Fame and Saturday Night Fever.

After scoring tickets, my new friend and I headed off to Harrod's for, well, what does one do in Harrod's? I wandered up to the equestrian department, and found a couple of things that wanted to go home with me. After I paid, "It'll be just a moment; he's gone off to get your whip bag."

"I don't think anyone has ever spoken that sentence to me."

Fame was... well, fairly well-performed, but bad material. And I figured out just before the show that I'd wound up with half an hour between shows, but that the two theaters were fairly far apart. As soon as Fame ended, I booked out of the building and made a mad dash to the nearest tube station (which was several blocks away.) On the way, I passed a bunch of bicyclists heading down the road making lots of noise, and quickly realized it was critical mass London. Aaahh, a taste of home!

When I got to the theater, I heard music, and thought I was late, but the show hadn't started. I sat down and as I started to take my hat off, the curtain rose. Timing!

This morning, we decided we were going to get Guys & Dolls tickets (starring Ewan McGregor) no matter what. The show was sold out, but they release a few tickets the day of the show. When we got there, the queue was quite long, but we were going to wait anyway. A few minues later, a guy came buy offering to sell his tickets at face-value, because he couldn't make the show. I did a quick sincerity-assessment, decided that I had 90% confidence that they were real, and pulled out the cash. Good thing, too, since there was no way we would have gotten tickets from the theater. They even sold standing-room tickets.

And the show? Utterly perfect in every respect. I do not say that lightly.

Oh! I also scored two bottles of absinthe today, both Ted Breaux creations. If you aren't familiar, look up the article Wired did on him recently.

Tonight, another show (Glorious, about Florence Foster Jenkins). Tomorrow some touristy something or other. Monday home.

Oh! Dating horrors is still getting a couple of hits per day on "big hotters".
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