Patti (whipartist) wrote,


I'm exhausted.

Today we had breakfast, then hopped the trains off to Greenwich... it's actually quite a charming town. We took a quick glance at the Cutty Sark, then hiked up the hill to the royal observatory. Of course I had my picture taken standing on the Prime Meridian, which was necessary in order to log the geocache at that location. It's amusing that a GPS doesn't read 0 when standing on the line.

This was followed by wandering around town, and stopping for a traditional British meal-- in my case, a chicken and mushroom pie with gravy and mash. It was precisely as appalling as one would expect.

After that, we headed over to the Globe theatre, where an absolutely charming queen led our tour. I wanted nothing more than to stick him in my suitcase, dip him in honey, and turn him loose in the Castro. He would have been in heaven.

Oh! And last night I saw Glorious, an absolutely delightful show about Florence Foster Jenkins. It was just too much fun.
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