Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Xmas recap

It turns out that the rainbow boa was something that my mother spotted in a store several months ago-- she instantly thought of me, bought it, and tucked it away in a drawer for christmas. I'll probably do a photo shoot with it sometime this week. Oh, and after her horrible bathrobe mistake about ten years ago (I asked for a plain white terrycloth robe, and wound up with a pink chenille atrocity) mom has figured out exactly how to nail the warm fluffy bathrobe genre. This year she even managed to read my mind this year and figure out that I needed one without my asking.

Warm fluffy bathrobes are incredibly sensuous.

Brokeback Mountain was unbelievably good; it would easily be my nomination for best picture. I almost wish I hadn't read the story first, though, since I think I would have enjoyed the drama a bit more if I didn't know what was coming.
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