Patti (whipartist) wrote,

New definition of the word "free"

My wireless router has gotten flaky, so I was in Fry's yesterday shopping for a new one. There were two Netgear products side by side, the WGR614, and a "special edition" WGR614XX. I don't remember exactly what XX was, but it was some random combination of letters. The regular one was $34.99, and the special edition was $49.99.

I looked at the two. The special edition came with a free copy of McAfee Anti-Spam software, but otherwise I couldn't see a difference. I asked the clerk who was passing by, and he said the routers were identical. (OK, a Fry's clerk is not highly reliable, but I tend to trust them when they confirm what I think I already know.)

So for $15 I could have gotten a free copy of anti-spam software.
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