Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Things & Stuff

Tomorrow's ski trip was cancelled. I learned this about an hour after I rented skis today. Oh well.

Tonight the PLHB and I wound up naked in a hot tub with about 15 other people, most of whom we'd never met before. It was an old-fashioned redwood tub rather than an acrylic spa. After we climbed out and were hanging out, I observed that this is how most of the country thinks Californians live all the time. If only!

Mmmm, Zachary's pizza.

Last night I was mucking about in Photoshop, and managed to bring my computer to its knees. It has a moderately fast CPU, and a gig and a half of memory. I watched the task manager as Photoshop consumed nearly a gig all by itself. Tomorrow Fry's, and another two gig of memory. And to think that my first computer had a whopping 5K of RAM.
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