Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Pocket change and absinthe

I have a lot of change. Oodles of it. My change jar is actually a plastic bin about 16x12x8, and it contains not only a metric buttload of coins, but also a lot of dollar bills. I'm lucky enough to be able to treat those amounts of money with casual disregard, and I exercise this ability to its fullest.

Coinstar is the vendor that puts change counting machines into supermarkets. They generally charge a hefty 9% vig on transactions, but they've partnered with Amazon and you can get Amazon gift certificates from the machine with no juice.

Today I loaded up a couple of bags of coins and hauled them in. I figured I had about fifty bucks worth, and I'd probably wind up getting a couple of books or something while making room for more handfuls of change. Imagine my surprise when the total was $226.96! Can you say shopping spree?

I also had a ten-franc coin, a 1/2-franc coin, a 50p coin, a pound, a pence, and a Canadian penny in the mix.

Tonight I had some friends over, and we cracked open one of the bottles of Absinthe that I smuggled in from London a few months ago. Three of us tried it for the first time, me included. Sipping it straight is like being hit over the head with a licorice-encrusted hammer. Wow. When you drink it in the traditional manner-- diluted with water that has been poured through a sugar cube-- it's quite tasty.

Congratulations to jnala, who won the Empire Poker $50K guaranteed tournament today. That's back-to-back wins for him.
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