Patti (whipartist) wrote,

A significant lack of competence

Tonight I dropped into Office Depot to pick up a package of rubber bands. It was late, and I'd just spent a bunch of hours in the cardroom, so I was tired and cranky.

She started preparing a bag just before she scanned the package.

"I don't need a bag, thanks."

She scans them, and then puts them in the bag.

"Thanks, but I don't need a bag."

"Oh! I thought you might like to have one." She takes them out and sets them on the counter.

Sure, whatever.

So the total is $3.45, and I hand her a $5 bill. She reaches into the drawer to make change, and discovers a lack of quarters. Out comes a $20, and she calls someone over to get some rolls of change.

I pull $.45 out of my purse and hand it to her. "Here. Just give me a dollar."

"No, that's OK. She's gone to get change." She pushes it back to me.

Uhhh, ditzbrain... I don't really want to wait for someone to go into the office, do whatever magic they need to do in order to get to cash, find the right amount, bring it back to you, have you count it and try to figure out if it adds up, put it in the drawer, take out a roll, break it open, and then remember what the fuck you were doing. "I'd rather not wait."

"So you just want a dollar back?" She says this with an incredulous tone of voice, as though it's the most illogical thing in the world.

"Yes, please." She takes the coins, hands me the dollar, and then tries to put the rubber bands into a bag before giving them to me.
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